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Injection Molding Technology

More than 50 injection molding machines for all technical and medically approved plastics are available in the company’s own injection molding shop. Seven of these machines are used to process two-component silicone of all common Shore hardnesses. NICOLAY has over 25 years of experience in mechanical silicone processing.

With all the manufacturing facilities required for the manufacture of your products under one roof, we have a vertically highly integrated manufacturing facility and can supply you with everything from a single source, flexibly and efficiently.

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Cable Production

SENSOCAB Kabelproduktion GmbH

SENSOCAB (DIN ISO 9001 certified), founded in 1992, manufactures thin, highly flexible special cables.

Among other things, the following outer cable diameters and copper (Cu) strands can be processed:

Outer cable diameter 0.2 mm to 10 mm (0.0079? to 0.39?)
Cu strands AWG 44 to AWG 18
The close cooperation between SENSOCAB and NICOLAY guarantees resource security and flexibility as well as ensuring uniform quality standards throughout the Group.

Further information can be found at www.sensocab.de

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Assembly Technology

During assembly, we further process the pre-assembled cables using special manual fixtures or semi-automatic and fully automatic production lines.

The efficient and trouble-free production layout reveals the entire NICOLAY manufacturing experience.

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Stamping Technology

In order to support you optimally with specific solutions, we have continuously expanded our expertise in stamping technology. NICOLAY’s philosophy is to offer complete solutions from a single source.

At our site in Nagold we produce various stamped parts for use in high-quality cable Systems.

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