SpO2 Sensor

Together with HP, NICOLAY developed the silicon sensor for measuring blood oxygen saturation in 1988, demonstrating its product know-how and manufacturing expertise in the processing of two-component silicones.

  • Completely made of silicone
  • Fully encapsulated sensor elements
  • Waterproof
  • Design of the connection to a pulse oximeter as desired
  • Quality means great robustness and thus low life cycle costs
  • Easy to apply and easy to clean (dip disinfectable), thus high user comfort
  • Patient safety first: Optimal adaptation to finger shape, reducing the risk of artifacts and increasing wearing comfort

Finger/Ear Pulse Sensor

The finger/Ear Pulse Sensor brings flexibility for cardio applications.

  • Extremely thin, flexible cables
  • Individual connection to the device
  • Combined pulse collection on finger and ear
  • Application on ear and finger
    • This means: Application flexibility


NICOLAY presents a platform for customized blood oxygen measurement: The NICOLAY SpO2 sensor is based on many years of product know-how in this segment and well-founded manufacturing expertise with two-component silicones.

  • Lower weight
  • Improved ventilation of the finger
  • Symmetrical design
  • One size fits all


  • Completely made of silicone; fully encapsulated optoelectronic components and cable ducts

Thin sensor walls with high flexibility and tear resistance

  • All colours

Cables and plugs

  • Design and production at NICOLAY
  • Basic selection of cables and connectors available without tool costs
  • Adaptability according to customer requirements possible (e. g. cable length, mechanical coding, connector and colouring)
  • Submersible connection sensor -> cable


  • Dip tightness, easy cleaning by immersion disinfection
  • High robustness and low life cycle costs
  • Optimal finger fit for reduced risk of artifact and high user comfort
  • Easy and fast application
  • High patient safety

Customer benefit

  • Complete solution from patient to device from a single source
  • Lower tool costs due to standard modules
  • Optimal adaptation to customer-specific applications and protection of the spare parts business through:
    • Calibration, selection of the optical components by the customer
    • Adaptation of the device connector according to customer requirements
    • Exclusive labelling and individual colouring

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