Device Plug

The device plugs from NICOLAY offer a wide variety of variants and adaptability to specific requirements. Characteristic for this product group: The long service life, its robustness and the optimal combination with the NICOLAY cable systems as connecting and plug-in elements.

  • Basic versions: 7,10,12 and 20 poles
  • Mini versions: mini7 and mini12
  • Variable pin assignment
  • Mounting versions: mini7, mini12;10,12 and 20-pin connectors
  • Grommets with straight, 45° and 90° outlet for cables with diameters of 3 – 8.2 mm (basic versions) and 3- 5.5 mm (mini versions)
  • Snap-in mechanism with “click” via catch tongue with spring function (connector side) in undercut (device socket). Friction via metal contacts
  • Consistent insertion and withdrawal Forces
  • Floating contacts and thus optimum “fit” to the Nicolay appliance sockets
  • Casting and foaming technology (injection-moulded versions) enables high packing density with high dielectric strength and robustness.
  • NICOLAY miniature connector systems follow the trend towards continuous miniaturization
  • All plugs with NICOLAY sleeve geometry for increased fatigue strength
  • All versions mechanically codable
  • All colours possible
  • Flexible Anpassung an die kundenindividuelle Anwendung
  • Quality means: An optimum “fit” for the cable system and the connector box
  • A safe signal and thus the best possible patient safety
  • High robustness and durability: mating cycles, alternating flexural strength and pull-off forces are tested and optimized


The NICOLAY receptacles are designed to fit our NICOLAY connectors.

  • PCB connection with solder pins
  • With straight or 90° outlet
  • With direct connection
  • Mechanically encoded
  • All colours
  • Constant insertion and withdrawal forces
  • Highly variable application range
  • Optimum fit for the NICOLAY range of plugs (click mechanism)
  • Plug > Pulling force means safety in application and user comfort

Connector Systems mini7 / mini12

With the mini7 and mini12 connector systems, NICOLAY has developed suitable miniature interfaces that are compatible with, among other things, the cable system 2000. In comparison to existing, technically comparable ECG cable systems, a significant reduction was achieved.

  • The mini7 / mini12 connector system fits in its size to the design of your constantly shrinking devices
  • The mini7 / mini12 connector system is based on the high technical standard of the established NICOLAY 12 and 7-pin round connectors. This means a continuation of the high quality and a reliable connection
  • The mini7 / mini12 connector system offers high dielectric strength and robustness despite high packing density due to the appropriate potting technology
  • The mini7 / mini12 connector system consists of a plug and a suitable accessory socket, which have been jointly developed. This ensures the best possible “fit” of the plug and socket and a safe signal
  • The mini7 / mini12 junction box is available for PCB mounting in a straight and 90° angled version. A direct connection to Cu single-line cables is also possible
  • The plug is molded onto various cables with an outer diameter of up to 5.5 mm, but is also available as an installation version
  • The mini7 / mini12 connector system is available in any colour, optionally with exclusive coding. This offers a high degree of application security
  • Tool costs arise only for customer exclusive coding

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