Our Vision

Safe and effortless patient care and treatment when it matters, with optimal, user-friendly medical accessories of highest quality.

Our Mission

Continuous optimization of processes, methods and instruments for lean and waste-free production and development of our products to safeguard the satisfaction of our OEM customers and the end users.

Our Position

Technology leader and vertically integrated manufacturer of medical cables, connectors and cable assemblies designed for the special requirements of distinct applications in medical device technology.

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All Nicolay employees have realized that utmost attention to details, highest care and accuracy is a key factor in ensuring the long-term satisfaction of our customers and the end users with exceptional products and quality.


Dr. Christof Muz


Christof Muz
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Hardly any other company can draw on a comparable wealth of experience from almost 50 years of supporting applications in non-invasive patient monitoring. The resulting development and manufacturing know-how creates the basis for our special customer and application specific solutions in many areas of medical device technology.


Oliver Muz


Oliver Muz

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